15e generatie Blokhuis

November 2015 is de eerste Blokhuis van de 15e generatie geboren. Het betreft Maaike Grace Blokhuis, geboren op 3 november 2015 in Grimsby, Canada.

Onderstaand een gedicht dat haar overgrootvader Aart Blokhuis heeft geschreven naar aanleiding van haar geboorte.

Welcome Little Maaike Grace…

Welcome, little Maaike Grace…
You’ve come to join the human race,
A world filled with much joy and cheer,
God knows that you’ll be cherished here.

We’ve waited for you to arrive,
His promised gift, so much alive
And raise our voice in thanks to Him,
Who saved your life though things looked grim.

For it is God our Father, who,
Can save alone, your mother too
And as we look at you, amazed,
Acknowledge, Lord, Your name be praised!

May Maaike grow, her faith be strong
And teach her that she may belong
To those whom You have set apart,
Ordained to live within her heart.

We heard your father’s voice announce,
She’s Maaike Grace, six pounds one ounce!
Grant them both wisdom and prepare,
Your perfect gifts with her to share.

From our perspective, life’s a race
Perhaps, with tears and trials we face,
Yet Lord, we also know, it’s true
Life’s comfort’s found alone in You.

And so we praise God’s Holy Name,
From age to age, He is the same,
Our heritage He will preserve,
Made ready, for His sake, to serve.

A. Blokhuis
3 november 2015

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